ELT Systems is looking for talented individuals to join our rapidly growing businesses. We seek highly motivated individuals who are willing to challenge themselves in order to reach new heights. We pay on average 25% above market wages for most positions. Our employees take care of our business so we take care of our employees.
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Established in 2002, ELT has thrived with the growth in the aftermarket performance industry. We are a vertically integrated, multi-international company with offices and distribution centers in Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Shenzhen. We are the parent company of many popular aftermarket performance brands: Supreme Suspensions, Heavymetal, LIftcraft, All Roads, Springforce, Rox, Topguncustoms, and Blackpath. Our expansion is a result of innovative web-based enterprise software and unique marketing methods, and we have recently moved into the software application market as a subdivision of our growing company. This diversification has allowed our employees to experience large amounts of career growth, through a company culture of merit based promotion within short time frames. We are currently seeking highly motivated individuals who want to join our team, and we value people who possess the intangible qualities (fairness, willingness, creativity).

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